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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Decklists for free!!!

In my first article I wanted first to talk about the importance of the starting army, the way you choose them and how your deck influences them. But, as my future job is to collect the decklists of top players at the tournaments, I want to speak a bit about the proper use of decklists.

Yesterday i tried to get some decklists from older tournaments, but the players refused to spoil them, as they feared the players would simply copy their decks for future tournaments.

That's why i want to talk about what the decklists i will post here are for and what they should be used for. The bold parts are what you should do in general, and under them is each time a more specific example.

  1. First thing you do, when you're looking at a decklist, is trying to see how this deck works.
    This means that you need to divide the deck into a category. Is it blitz? Is it build? High level rush? Low level rush? Is it a mixture(most decks are, actually)? And if it is a mixture, what does the deck builder wants to do exactly?

Example: Klick Me!

This deck is a Warlord blitz deck, which supports also high level rush. It can't be high level rush only, because the Oubliette Hounds are way to easy to kill and there is nothing to protect them, there are also only around 9 fighters in the deck, though the chance of drawing no fighter in the first round isn't terrible low either. Basicly he will start as his first action to equip a steed and charge to the front and other fighter characters will follow.

  1. Now take a deeper look at it, what does make this deck special? Are there some secret combos? Cards that you may not have thought about before? What should the cards actually do in this deck?

Example: Klick Me!

Even though Raziel may have not that much of tech, there is. Mainly Bis with Recruiter's Order for card draw, or Bis Tresven for another 2 shoots, then there is Treyik for Raziel's Order and Foul Blight, which helps you to finish off those big guys. Imprisoned and Distrust are newly added anti Tavis tech, though both work against most other opponent's as well. If you ask, why Distrust and Imprisoned against Tavis? Distrust is really easy to explain: Tavis changes alignment like nobody else, there will be mostly allways characters in his army which are opposite alignment. Imprisoned is meta against one of Tavis win strategies: Spirit Wing.
Raziel really doesn't like those multi strikers, especially if they are ready in the front rank. Most time you can't kill them because they will sit next to a Figurine of Protection and have a Tyren in the same rank- while Tavis is evil- but Imprisoned gives you the opportunitie to have them attack at least one turn later, which may bring you in a better board position.

  1. What are the strengths and the weaknesses of the deck?

Example: Klick Me!

This is my Atu deck, i reached the cut at KoHit with it(O.k., there are some minor changes in it, namely Poultice Sack and Nodwick), and you can easily see the stengths and weaknesses it has. Strengths: It produces many strikes a turn and produces many wounds. Thus it is good against Elfs, Devs and Dwarfs, though multi wounder like Krun and Artek can give this deck a very hard time, as they make it nearly impossible to survive with Atu.

  1. Now you should have a good overview about the deck, if you like the deck and want to play that kind of deck too, start testing now!
    Take this deck and play, test it against good match ups and bad match ups to really gain experience with the deck. While testing you may want ( no, you must) change the cards in the deck to fit your playstyle and maybe you found even better cards for the deck( For example the starting is changing a good number of times in my testing, though you have to read my next article to see why ;-) ). It is just needed that you don't just take the deck and take it to the next tournament, really think about what you're playing!

If you follow those advices, nobody can really blame you for "net-decking". You got inspired by looking at a tournament winning deck and created a new one, it may be still close to the „original“ (though an original doesn't exist, expect my Atu of course ;-) ), but you invested work into it and changed cards, that's what counts.
That's at least how it should be if you decide to play a deck posted here.

I hope the players ( starting at El:ITE) want to give me their decklist, so new players can learn from their experience ;-) .


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