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Friday, May 19, 2006

Speed Part 2

Here we go...

III. Action speed in general
I already wrote something about the importance of the first actions in the first turn. Now I want to proceed with a few more general thoughts.
Speed (or Tempo coming from [lat. tempus, temporis = TIME]) is always an important part of Warlord CCG. Why do you think Rr'ess is better than Maddawc? Or why do you think Tresven gets more love than Kether?
Kether and Maddawc might have better stats, but they lack of tempo. What advantage does a +4 strike give if it will never happen because Maddawc was slain before?! Rr'ess only has a +3 strike, but he can actually perform it right after entering play.
In fact it's all about ressource denial. Rr'ess strengthens your board position and immediately weakens (might weaken) your opponent's.
Raziel + XYZ won so many double tournaments, because 4 shots from Isadra after the first action (+ possible Magic Missiles with Bronwen etc) give a huge speed advantage and can actually win a game even before the first order has resolved.
Warlord CCG has multiple examples of how speed can have positive impact on your game (Corinne Drac, Flawless Motion etc), BUT please don't think it will win you games with godlike ease. Why do you think Rora Blackmane doesn't appear in the winning decks? Or, if I ask another question, would you play Corinne Drac with only one hitpoint?
The answer is easily to be given: Tempo advantage is not everything. You must not rely on Tempo advantages if you lose the common strength of your deck (e.g. including Rora Blackmane but not Brother Dominy in an Albrecht construct).
Try to be faster AND hit your opponent with the same power (metaphorical and in the meaning of the game!) and you will recognize how cool tempo advantages can be!

IV. Play speed
Ok, first please recognize this is NOT about stalling. Stalling is not sportsmanlike and I'd be really upset if my article would encourage people to stall!
Back to topic, what is play speed? It's the time you take to actually perform your order AND the time you take to achieve a goal (for example: killing the opponent's warlord or start an infinite combo).
To the first point, always take your time to think about possibilities. Nobody will hate you just because you thought 2-10 seconds about a DIFFICULT play situation. And of course you can hurry if you think you are in a dominant board position and you want to finish the game. Play your game and DON'T let your opponent dictate the speed of your play. Quick gameplay allows you to put mental pressure on your opponent, but keep in mind, it also encourages play mistakes.
To the second point, don't hesitate to play Warlord CCG how you like to. Even if you have the chance to finish the game, you don't have to! I want to tell you about a situation at PotS '05. I was playing against a Yedraw Uber Control, my Krun killed 3 characters each round, but that didn't really matter to my opponent. He just threw characters at the front which I tried to overcome.
Yedraw could easily kill Krun, but he hesitated. Just before the end of the round, Yedraw moved forward and finished Krun. 20 min Yedraw had the better position and waited for the final strike.
Again, just because you have the opportunity to win the game, you don't have to do it NOW! (By the way, never hesitate to actually conceed a game and go for the next). If your opponent thinks he can still win the game and refuses to conceed, go on and let the clock run down. That's NOT stalling, that's intelligent game play (or vice versa, not THAT intelligent game play by your opponent).

I hope you enjoyed my blogging about speed and I wish you a nice weekend


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