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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Speed Part 1

No, I don't take drugs. This is not about some weird stuff you take and happen to see funny colours or schemes. Not at all.

I want to write a bit (blogging is fun) about the different kinds of speed in Warlord CCG.

I. Action speed in the first turn
As an active BH I've done lots of Warlord demos (including the Essen Games Fair '05) and basically you see "new" players always making the same mistake.
They do NOT use their given materials (i.e. starting formation) to give their opponent a good measure of pressure right from the start. Often they begin with equipping items (2-Handed Sword as a first action) or even playing characters.
"Blitz wins! " This simple sentence came from a former World Champion (I seem to have forgotten his name, but he was French) and well, it's true.
Even if your deck is not a blitz deck (and you are NOT starting Defiance or playing a weird combo which takes an awful amount of time), attacking or using aggressive orders (e.g. PRINTED ranged strikes from your first level characters) is often a good idea.
Why? That's pretty simple. If you spend your first level character he actually might decrease the attack power of your opponent (if you hit) and your spent character loses the always given "HIT ME"-mark on his forehead.
Thus attacking/spending with your first level characters is a good idea right at the start of a new game. Of course you COULD also use second rank starter to put pressure on your opponent, but mostly your second rank is in a more safe state than your first (exceptions could be: Lorik, Temb'w'bam, Percy Dorn etc.).
Save the cards in your hand for a later situation (reads: until you don't expect your opponent to have strikes left or your characters are all spent), because they might surprise your opponent (why playing Blast if you still have a ready Artheon in your first rank?) and your cards in your hand are mostly (unless you face Raziel or Dallen) safe.

II. Character speed
If you construct a new deck, always think about the impact of characters you include. Most of the level 1 characters are better choices than level 2 characters without ranged strikes or other actions they can take on their first turn. They can DO something in the turn they entered and thus they are "faster". Of course there are examples of level 2 characters (ranged strikes or other impact on the game like Labour) which deny the rule.
In early CE environment level 4/5 characters were better than level 3 characters, because all of them (3,4,5) needed the same time to affect the game from the first rank (again, there are other examples like the Halos which don't need to be in the first rank to be effective). Level 3 characters (without further given ressources like steeds) need two turns to reach the front rank. Level 4/5 characters were often stunned to the front and thus needed two turns to be ready again.
As you can see, both groups (3's and 4/5's) needed 2 turns to impact the game from the front. In EE this will change at least a bit, because the new rule which I like to call "global Cerebrul" (stunned characters falling forward suffer a wound) and we don't know whether the new environment will receive the same amount of readying tech (By Your Word, Sister Amanda etc.), but still level 3 characters will often be inferior to level 4 characters.

to be continued...

I hope you enjoyed my first blogging attempt and I hope my style of writing doesn't hurt you native speakers (keep in mind, English is only my third language!)
Next time I'll try to use less ( )


At 11:28 am, Blogger Blackjack said...

Dude, your English is very good. Clear and to the point. Stop worrying about the verboseness, it isn't too long.


At 1:19 pm, Blogger khaiba said...

wait, when you say english is your third language you mean it like italian is your second? because then I've got to laugh :-p

ok I guess italian is the fourth

At 1:24 pm, Blogger Tyra said...

yes, Italian is/was my fourth...
Latin is my second...

well, it was till I finished my Latinum...

part 2 will follow probably Monday, as I'll leave for Stuttgart ...


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